Your Sweetest Day Ever!

Buttercream or fondant. Round tiers or square. Sugar or real flowers? The choices are endless when it comes to picking your dream wedding cake which means that sometimes things can get a little overwhelming. We are here to help make this a fun and stress-free part of your wedding planning journey. We are hoping that by the end of it we will say “that was a piece of cake”!


We do ask that you submit a Quote Request Form so that we can be prepared before discussing your special day with you. Once we receive this form, we will respond to you within 48 hours, at which point we can set up a time to go over your form in detail.

We are more than happy to do this via e-mail, over the phone or face to face.
If it’s a face to face meeting you’re after, we invite you to come to Dayna’s home wher11781752_853229928086057_221497557355281548_ne our bakery is located, sit down at our Cupcakery located inside Big Mountian Kitchen and Linen in downtown Revelstoke, or meet you at a coffee shop or other place of your choosing. During the meeting we can enjoy a coffee and go over any ideas you might have. This is also a great time to bring any pictures of cakes or themes that you might have in mind (if you have not already e-mailed them to us). You are also welcome to bring your fiancé or a friend
to include in the decision-making process. If you do not have a specific idea for your wedding cake, please let us know in advance so we can bring our thinking caps!


You may request a six-pack of cupcakes containing our most popular base wedding flavours. These are the perfect size to share with your fiancé. These six-packs are $15 each. If you require more cupcakes say to share with parents, your bridal party etc.,  you can order additional six-packs at $15each.
On top of the base flavour taster pack, you’re encouraged to head on down to the Pip & Dex Cupcakery and order yourselves a combination of whatever the Cupcakery has to offer that week. Stop by every week if you wish. Warning: This may possibly cause your tux and dress to get a little snug!

Download your Wedding Order Contract here.