About Us


Hello, I’m Dayna. The creative hands and mind behind Pip & Dex Custom Cakes and Cupcakery. Thank you for taking an interest in my journey of all things cake. Would you believe that before I made cakes I drove trains? Its true. While working on the railroad I met my future husband. Soon after, I left and we started our family. At this point the only thing I knew about cake was that I consumed too much of it during my pregnancy. It wasn’t until I had to make my son his 1st birthday cake that i actually bought my first cake pan. It was an uneven baseball cake from a boxed mix covered with runny icing. I made my best attempt at piping on stitch lines by poking a hole in a Ziploc bag. It’s okay to laugh! I do every time I think about it. It was then that I knew I couldn’t torture my children for 18 more birthdays with these kinds of cakes, and so i took a Wilton basic piping course

Piper, Matt and Deklan!

that was offered at Big Mountain Kitchen and Linen, the same location my Cupcakery is now located. My final project cake not only surprised me, but impressed all my classmates and my instructor. It was then that I began making cakes for family and friends and started my Facebook page to show off my new “hobby”. In October 2012, I was offered $50 to make a Transformer birthday cake. I worked on this cake for probably 20 hours trying to make it perfect. Upon delivery, they were so astonished with my work they gave me a $50 tip! Then another call came. And another. In only 4 short years I had over 300 custom cakes under my belt, and now run a bakery out of a commercial kitchen in my home and a Cupcakery in downtown Revelstoke. You may wonder, why “Pip & Dex”? It’s because I now have two amazing little cupcakes of my own – Piper, aka Pip, and Deklan, aka Dex. I could not have imagined a better unexpected journey than what has led to be my life today. Getting to share it with all of you is just icing on the cake.